Find a Freight Forwarder in Romania

Find a freight forwarder in Romania with our comprehensive listing.  Romania is the 41th largest export economy in the world, boasting an industrial sector accounting for 33% of its $239b nominal GDP (2018). Its main exports include vehicle parts, finished cars, insulated wires, wheat, tires, and refined petroleum products. Its key trading partners are Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Hungary, and Poland. Romania has over 86,000km of roadways, 20% of which are paved. The largest seaport in the country is Constanta, which sits at the intersection of the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Europe.  It is one of the key distribution centers for Eastern Europe and is the deepest operational port on the Black Sea.

Pabllo Logistics SRL
Mosilor Street, no 135, block A, floor 4, district 2, 020854, Bucharest

  • export and import air freight consolidations and door to door delivery
  • customs clearance, warehousing, delivery
  • freight quotes
  • romanian authorities representation ( ex: ANCEX certificate, E-ori certificate, etc).
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