Find a Freight Forwarder in North Dakota

Find a Freight Forwarder in North Carolina. Bordering Canada and completely landlocked, North Dakota only has two interstate freeways passing through it. Highway 29 runs north-south along the eastern border of the state and passes through Fargo, the largest city. Interstate 94 crosses the state from east to west, passing through the capital of Bismarck and intersecting highway 29 at Fargo. Almost 45,000 tons of goods were moved by truck over the state’s highways in 2012. North Dakota’s main exports are machinery, agricultural products, and oil and gas, an industry currently experiencing a boom. A significant percentage of the oil produced in the state is being transported utilizing North Dakota’s extensive railway system. Due to its geographic location, it’s no surprise that its principal export market is Canada. In fact, exports to free trade agreement partners grew 389% in the last ten years.

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